Runner’s Safety

How we go fast

Boston running is likely much different than what running you have previously done.  Here are some important safety tips

Dealing with cars, bikes, and crosswalks is definitely something to be cognisant of during your runs.  Wearing bright colors and reflective clothing is a good way to stand out on the streets.  Running on the crosswalk, rather than the bike lane is important, we shouldn’t get in their way if we don’t want them biking on the sidewalks.  Additionally checking both ways and waiting for the light is both important in groups (to make sure that the last members are not in trouble) and alone (cars are less likely to see you). Only wearing one headphone is also a good way to be aware of surroundings, so that you can hear any cars coming towards you. Finally, using google street view is a great way to get a feel for where you’re running before you head out the door.  It allows you to see surroundings, sidewalks (or lack of), and the width of the road’s shoulder.

Running in the dark at night or the mornings requires similar safety precautions.  Staying on well lit paths is best as well as bright reflective clothing, and lights.  Headlamps are also nice to have to be seen and to see your footing. 

Running in certain areas might be a bit unsafe depending on who you are/ who you are with.  Running with a buddy is always best, and checking out others’ strava routes (and talking to them about them as well) is important for a safe run.  Pre-run, you can share your location with a friend/ family member or text someone the route you plan to do.  If you do ever feel unsafe, feel free to carry a birdie alarm, it is an alarm that makes a loud noise if you pull it.  Another idea is mace, preferably with UV tech so it can be seen on the clothing of those sprayed.  Remember not to bring mace on planes/ through the airport if you purchase it and then head home.  

Again that is by far not a necessity but it can give you and your family some piece of mind if you have early or late runs alone.  Additionally Marino is a great option for when the roads just aren’t doing it for you .  Most days marino is open from 5:30 am-midnight.  It is really important to listen to your gut in these situations and it is much better to air on the side of caution. These precautions are not meant to scare you, merely something to keep yourself safe!  Any of the upperclassmen would be happy to look over a route or give you more advice if you have any questions 🙂


Some items you may want!

Wrist lights:


Birdie alarm 

Mace w/ UV: 

Footpath: App to plan routes