Club Records

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Bolded rows indicate records set during the current or most recent season

h denotes a hand time. For the converted time, denoted with c, we used the following conversion standard:

All hand times are rounded up to the nearest tenth.
For races under 300m, a conversion factor of 0.24s is added to the time.
For races from 300m up to (but not including) 800m, a conversion factor of 0.14s is added to the time.

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Cross Country Records

Women's XC Records

6k1Chelsea Wojeski22:52Harvard Invite2017
2Emma Boutcher23:26Harvard Invite2015
3Kathryn McCarthy23:27NIRCA Nationals, Shelbyville, IN2021
4Rose McDonnell23:28NIRCA Nationals, Shelbyville, IN2021
5Gabby Rao23:45NIRCA Nationals, Mechanicsville, VA2019
5k1Chelsea Wojeski19:01Wayland XC Invite2017
10 Mile1Georgia Houghton1:15:44Busa Bushwhack2014

Men's XC Records

8k1Cam Leonard24:22NIRCA XC Northeast Regionals2022
2Luke Janik25:21NIRCA Nationals, Mechanicsville, VA2019
3Nicolas Ferretti25:22Brown Bear Invite2023
4Max Manganiello25:40NIRCA XC Northeast Regionals2022
5Alex Knueppel25:48Brown Bear Invite2022
5k1Mike Stent16:01Wayland XC Invite2016
10 Mile1Peter Texeira1:03:30Busa Bushwhack2018

Road Race Records

Women's Road Records

5k1Chelsea Wojeski19:01Wayland2017
2Gabby Rao19:11Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2019
3Abby Paglia19:26St. Paddy's Day 5k2018
4Lindsay Weigel19:29Big Dog 5k2013
5Rylie Ellam19:29St Paddy's Day 5k2018
10k1Rose McDonnell39:34Boston 10K for Women2022
2Kathryn McCarthy41:01Cohasset Road Race2023
3Bonnie McFeat41:13Boston 10K for Women2022
4Caroline Meehan41:16Boston 10K for Women2022
5Johanna Zawada41:22Cohasset Road Race2023
10 Mile1Caroline Evans1:07:04Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
2Gabby Rao1:11:33Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
3Meghan Quon1:11:33Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
4Erin Dillman1:11.55Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
5Ava Asai-Sarris1:18.35Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
Half Marathon1Chelsea Wojeski1:26:43Cambridge Half2017
2Gabby Rao1:27:21Cambridge Half2019
3Abby Paglia1:28:44Hyannis2018
4Rose McDonnell1:28:45Philadelphia Marathon2021
5Kathryn McCarthy1:29:47Malden Half2022
Marathon1Emily Resciniti3:10:49Providence Marathon2015
2Rose McDonnell3:14:53Boston Marathon2023
3Caroline Meehan3:16:39Boston Marathon2023
4Lindsay Weigel3:19:23Boston Marathon2014
5Tori Young3:20:14Boston Marathon2023

Men's Road Records

5k1Thomas Hinds15:28Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
2Mike Stent16:01St. Patties Day2016
3Matt Petrocelli16:13Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
4Ross MacAndrew16:18Luv2Run2013
5Luke Janik16:20St Paddy's Day2016
10k1Luke Janik33:20Cohasset Road Race2019
2Cam Leonard34:37Cohasset Road Race2019
3Vinny Castronuovo34:38Cohasset Road Race2023
4Alex Knueppel34:38Cohasset Road Race2023
5Nicolas Ferretti34:38Cohasset Road Race2023
10 Mile1Luke Janik51:30Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
2David Muir56:14Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
3Drew McGlynn56:17Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
4Matt Petrocelli58:39Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
5Jon Miller59:52Old Fashioned 10 Miler and Flat 5k2020
Half Marathon1Vinny Castronuovo1:08:40Antrim Coast Half Marathon2022
2Luke Janik1:09:21YMCA2019
3Brendan Hehir1:10:29Newport Marathon2021
4Nicolas Ferretti1:10:30Malden Half2022
5Alex Knueppel1:11:48Harborside Half Marathon2021
Marathon1Vinny Castronuovo2:25:56Boston Marathon2023
2Matt Petrocelli2:31:05Boston Marathon2023
3Brendan Hehir2:31:20Boston Marathon2022
4Nicolas Ferretti2:31:24Boston Marathon2023
5Alex McDonnell2:34:27Boston Marathon2023

Indoor Track Records

Women's Indoor Records

60mKatie Billman7.98h (8.24)Harvard Invite2022
200mJulia Kautz26.8h (27.04)Harvard Invite2022
400mJulia Kautz1:01.2hHarvard Invite2022
600mErin Provost1:48.83Art Farnham Invitational2016
800mKristen Ashley2:28.78USATFNE Championships2013
1000mCindy France3:20.49Art Farnham Invitational2016
MileRose McDonnell5:19.95Black Sheep Invite2023
3000mChelsea Wojeski10:36.08GBTC Invite2016
2 MileKathryn McCarthy11:56.39Harvard Invite2023
5000mRose McDonnell19:05.51Billy Brockmueller Invite2022
60m HurdlesGrace Jordan9.5hHarvard Invite2022
4x200mKail Arthur, Katie Billman, Lila Coffman, Alexis Lincoln1:54.44Harvard Invite2023
4x400mAbbi Hartzel, Alyse Pasqualini, Julia Kautz, Katie Billman4:29.9Harvard Invite2022
4x800mMaddi Doherty, Rose McDonnell, Kate Nolan, Sophie Chong10:38.6Harvard Invite2020
DMRKristen Ashley, Alicia Dias, Emma Boutcher, Danielle Voke13:34.0Harvard Invite2015
Long JumpDaniella Tesfaye4.89mSuffolk Invite2022
Long JumpAbisola Olaogun4.89mGBTC Invite2020
High JumpJeriyla Kamau-Weng1.60mHarvard Invite2022
Triple JumpSofia Horan9.48mGBTC Invite2016

Men's Indoor Records

60mEric Reyes6.8h (7.04)Harvard Invite2015
200mMatteo Bordin23.28Black Sheep Invite2023
400mFranklin Ollivierre51.67BU Valentine Invite2022
600mBrandon Onyejekwe1:27.51Suffolk Invite2022
800mDaniel Flynn1:57.41Black Sheep Invite2023
1000mRoss MacAndrew2:39.09BU Valentine Invite2012
MileCameron Leonard4:19.21USATF-NE Championships2023
3000mCameron Leonard8:28.70BU Last Chance2023
2 MileVinny Castronuovo9:28.22Harvard Invite2023
5000mHarry Gould15:01.94BU Valentine2022
60m HurdlesBrandon Onyejekwe8.72Harvard Invite2023
4x200mCole Gaynor, Marco Grados, Joey Tsai, Trevor Wozny1:38.16Suffolk Invite2022
4x400mMatteo Bordin, Cole Gaynor, Trevor Wozny, Kenichi Gomi3:33.87Riverhawk Invite2023
4x800mBrandon Onyejekwe, Kenichi Gomi, Michael Nunes, Oliver Marker8:22.49Brown Invite2023
DMRPhil St Jacques, Evan Armstrong, Sean McIntyre, Brendan Hehir10:46.10Happy Valley Invite2018
Long JumpBen Zhuang6.02mBrown Invite2023
High JumpBrendon Welsh1.88mArt Farnham Invite2016
Triple JumpNicholas Brunetto12.07mHarvard Invite2016

Outdoor Track Records

Women's Outdoor Records

100mKatie Billman12.5h (12.74c)MIT Happy Beaver Invite2022
200mGrace Jordan27.67NIRCA Nationals2023
400mAlexis Lincoln1:02.92Bruno's Backyard Classic2023
800mKristen Ashley2:27.30NU Husky Invitational2012
1500mBrooke Wojeski4:50.59Eric Loeschner Invite2015
MileEmma Boutcher5:22.31Club Penn Relays2015
5000mGabby Rao19:32Yellow Jacket Invite2019
10000mRose McDonnell39:40Jim Sheehan Invite2022
100m HurdlesGrace Jordan16.0h (16.24c)MIT Happy Beaver Invite2022
400m HurdlesKristen Ashley1:14.64Jim Sheehan Invite2015
3000m SteeplechaseKristen Ashley11:52.96Jim Sheehan Invite2015
4x100mMaya Barrant, Jaxine Wolf, Aisling Dennehy, Marie Mitchell53.28Eric Loeschner2015
4x400mAlexis Lincoln, Grace Jordan, Abisola Olaogun, Melanne Ghahraman4:34.19NIRCA Nationals2023
4x800mBeth Hutchings, Lillie Silverstein, Alicia Dias, Kristen Ashley10:34.10Club Penn Relays2014
Long JumpAbisola Olaogun4.60Jim Sheehan Invite2022
High JumpJeriyla Kamau-Weng1.5Yellow Jacket Invite2019
Triple JumpJaxine Wolf10.73Eric Loeschner2015

Men's Outdoor Records

100mJeff Kan11.48Eric Loeschner Invite2016
200mMatteo Bordin22.8h (23.04c)MIT Happy Beaver Invite2022
400mFranklin Ollivierre51.30NIRCA Nationals2023
800mOliver Marker1:57.94NIRCA Nationals2023
1500mDaniel Flynn3:58.92UMass Invite2023
MileDaniel Flynn4:34.04Brown Outdoor2022
5000mBrendan Hehir15:33Yellow Jacket Invite2019
10000mLuke Janik33:01Jay Carisella Invite2019
110m HurdlesBrandon Onyejekwe16.1h (16.24c)MIT Happy Beaver Invite2022
400m HurdlesBrandon Onyejekwe57.55NIRCA Nationals2023
3000m SteeplechaseMichael Nunes10:26.31Bruno's Backyard Classic2023
4x100mBen Zhuang, Matteo Bordin, Brandon Onyejekwe, Joey Tsai45.60NIRCA Nationals2023
4x400mMatteo Bordin, Cole Gaynor, Trevor Wozny, Franklin Ollivierre3:31.54NIRCA Nationals2023
4x800mMarco Grados, Ted Yee, Ryan Strawbridge, Brandon Onyejekwe8:37.43MIT Happy Beaver Invite2023
Long JumpNick Brunetto6.15Eric Loeschner2016
High JumpBrendon Welsh1.80Eric Loeschner2015
Triple JumpNick Brunetto11.85Eric Loeschner2016

Mixed Outdoor Records

Mixed 4x400mKail Arthur, Kenichi Gomi, Alexis Lincoln, Franklin Ollivierre3:57.32Bruno's Backyard Classic2023