CaptainsĀ – Spring 2023

Kathryn McCarthy

Kathryn McCarthy


  • Year: Fourth Year
  • Major: Biology / Mathematics
  • Hometown: Southborough, MA
  • Favorite Race: 6K
  • Fun Fact: I ran across a whole country in 30 minutes – guess which one!
Caroline Meehan

Caroline Meehan

Vice President

  • Year: Fourth Year
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Hometown: Long Island, NY
  • Favorite Race: Half Marathon
  • Fun Fact: I’m a twin!
Tori Young

Tori Young


  • Year: Fourth Year
  • Major: Business Administration
  • Hometown: North Attleboro, MA
  • Favorite Race: Marathon
  • Fun Fact: I’ve seen Taylor Swift in concert 6 times!
Nora Mehler

Nora Mehler


  • Year: Third Year
  • Major: Mathematics
  • Hometown: Long Hill, NJ
  • Favorite Race: 5K (NOT on the track!)
  • Fun Fact: I used to have two pet frogs!
Nicolas Ferretti

Nicolas Ferretti

Distance Captain

  • Year: Fourth Year
  • Major: Mechanical Engineering
  • Hometown: Rome, NY
  • Favorite Race: Road 5K
  • Fun Fact: I play the piano and saxophone!
Daniel Kelkay

Daniel Kelkay

Sprint Captain

  • Year: Fourth Year
  • Major: Economics / Mathematics
  • Hometown: Spring Valley, NY
  • Favorite Race: 4 x 400m relay
  • Fun Fact: I main Dr. Mario in Super Smash Bros!
Brandon Onyejekwe

Brandon Onyejekwe

Sports Info. Director

  • Year: Fourth Year
  • Major: Data Science
  • Hometown: Rocky Hill, CT
  • Favorite Race: 400m hurdles
  • Fun Fact: I sing in a barbershop quartet!

Captains in Training – Spring 2024

Jonah Jaffe

Jonah Jaffe

CIT - Vice President

  • Year: Third Year
  • Major: Computer Science / Math
  • Hometown: Cambridge, MA
  • Favorite Race: Half Marathon
  • Fun Fact: I build underwater robots!
Max Manganiello

Max Manganiello

CIT - Distance Captain

  • Year: Third Year
  • Major: Mechanical Eng. / Design
  • Hometown: Doylestown, PA
  • Favorite Race: XC 8K
  • Fun Fact: I graduated from the same high school my grandfather was expelled from (he punched a priest)!
Alex Lincoln

Alex Lincoln

CIT - Sprint Captain

  • Year: Third Year
  • Major: Human Services / Psychology
  • Hometown: Willowbrook, IL
  • Favorite Race: 4x400m relay
  • Fun Fact: I love solo hiking!

Captains Archive

Most recent captains (Fall 2022) inĀ bold
Tony Cusato2020-2022SID, Treasurer
Alex Knueppel2022Secretary
Rose McDonnell2020-2022Secretary, Vice President
Vinny Castronuovo2020-2022Distance Captain, President
Maddi Doherty2020-2021SID
Jada Meadows2020-2021Sprint Captain
Thomas Hinds2020-2021Vice President
Brendan Hehir2019-2021SID, President
Wes Baranowski2019Sprint Captain
Erin Dillman2017-2019SID, Treasurer, President
Gabby Rao2018-2019Secretary
Luke Janik2018-2019Vice President
Andres Pinedo2018-2019Treasurer, President
Jeff Kan2016-2018Sprint Captain
Chelsea Wojeski2017-2018SID, Vice President
Kyle Lorden2017Secretary
Rick Anderson2017Treasurer
Abby Paglia2016-2017Secretary, Vice President, President
Alicia Dias2017SID
Marie Mitchell2014-2016Sprinter Coach
Logan Wilson2016Treasurer, Secretary
Georgia Houghton2015-2016SID, Secretary, Vice President
Cindy France2014-2016SID, President
Ryan Derosier2015Treasurer
James MacArthur2014-2015Treasurer, Vice President
Pat Scullion2014-2015Treasurer, President
Peter Clarke2014Secretary, Vice President
Lindsay Weigel2012-2014Secretary, Vice President
Jobin Abraham2012-2014Sprinter Coach
Kevin Schubert2012-2014Mid-Distance Captain, SID
Matt Esposito2012-2014Secretary, President
Ross MacAndrew2012-2013Treasurer, President
Josh Johnson2011-2013Distance Captain, Treasurer, President
Dan Michaud2012Distance Captain
Sean Marden2012Distance Captain
Richard DiBenedetto2011-2012Captain, President
Elizabeth Yakabowski2009-2012Captain, Co-Founder
Navin Nathan2009-2012Captain, Co-Founder
Brian Boudreau2009-2012Captain, Co-Founder
Jason Portner2009-2012Captain, Co-Founder